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Yup, More Tips for a Better Camping Experience | RV Safety Tips and Tricks
Yup, More Tips for a Better Camping Experience

Yup, More Tips for a Better Camping Experience

Here is the third installment of “Tips For a Better RV Experience”, with one or two more installments to go. All of these are useful but not all are necessary for an awesome camping trip to take place.
What I mean is, that you can have almost as much fun without them especially when your favorite campers are with you.   These tips and tricks just make the experience easier and less stressful and when we have less to worry about, I think we have more fun and better memories.

So, Here is the next bunch of “10 Tips For a Better RV Experience”


#1 – Toilet Paper Rolls – I have never had this happen because I don’t have my toilet paper on a holder but I sure there have been many an RV’er who have arrived at their destination and suffered the frustration of finding a whole roll of paper on the floor in a heap.

There were two suggestions for this problem.   The first was to take an empty 2 LTR. pop bottle and cut off a portion the same width as the roll.   Now, cut off the top just enough so that the holder will go through the hole,  slide the roll of paper in and place in the holder.   This will also keep the cat away as well.

The other suggestion was to take the roll and squash it.  It becomes oblong shaped and bottom heavy and won’t unroll when you’re rolling, (no pun intended), down the highway.

#2 – Getting your stuff organized – It’s a little bit of work but in the end, making a list of all the items in your storage spaces, (especially relevant in big motor-homes), will save time and frustration.  Not only will you know where everything is, if there is ever an accident or something gets stolen,  you will know exactly what you had and what needs to be replaced.

Take pictures as well.  Both of these will be invaluable if you have to make an insurance claim.  Make lists for each compartment, laminate them and place them in the appropriate compartment.  Keep a copy at home and a copy in the trailer as well, for quick reference.

 #3 – Heat Inside Your Trailer/RV – You can buy commercially made reflector type to stick in skylights and roof vents to help keep heat out of your trailer.

But, if you find that too expensive and choose to go another route, try this.   Find some heavy duty aluminum foil.   Fold a 1″, double thickness around the edge.   Put some pieces of Velcro around the edge.   Place the other component of the Velcro at the same places around the opening you wish to cover and stick the foil to the opening, shiny side up and that should help a lot.

#4 – Shelf Liner – This is the rubber coated material that is supposed to keep things from sliding around in your cupboards while traveling.   Many use it but still find things laying on their sides when they need one.

It was suggested that you could use aluminum rails like the ones used in the construction of drop ceilings.   Cut them to the right lengths and screw them into the bottom of the cupboard the exact distance of your plates, cups and ?.   This is just an example but combined with the shelf liner, they should keep things in place.

Another way to solve this issue is to purchase appropriately sized, plastic storage containers, that will fit inside your cupboards.  Place your dishes inside.   When you need something, you just pull out the container,  get what you need and put it back.

#5 – Shower floors – Shower floors can be very slippery when they are wet and could ruin a great camping trip.   That same shelf liner that was used to keep your dishes in place will work well here also.  Simply cut a piece that will fit in the bottom of your shower and problem solved.   It’s porous, dries quickly, comes in different colors, won’t clog drains, is skid proof and won’t fall apart.
#6 – Shoes – Lots of RVs don’t have storage for shoes.  The speaker suggested that because most beds have an overhang around the mattress of the bed, (the base is actually smaller that the size of the bed),  This space could be used for shoe storage.

The solution here was to install a stiff curtain rod:  sturdy, round and about 1/2″ or more in diameter, at a height that will clear the toes of the shoes from the floor, at the foot of the bed.  Drop your shoes in and you’re good to go.   They’re all organized and not in the way of anybody.

#7 – The Revolving Glass Tray – This plate is no big deal in the home microwave but the one in your trailer can take quite a beating and sometimes break during travel.   One way that some have tried to avoid this is by shoving a pillow inside.


Another solution, (and I really like this one), is to take an empty paper towel roller and cut it to the exact length, equal to the distance between the plate and the inside top of the oven. Carefully wedge this in at the center of the plate.   It will hold the plate in position securely.

#8 – Paper Towel Tubes – These tubes can also be used for protecting the sharp edges of the knives in your cutlery drawer.   Simply flatten the tube and tape one end closed, slide in the sharp knife and you are protected as well.

#9 – Decals – Some people like to collect these and stick them on their trailer/RV and some don’t.   The issue here is that, if you decide to sell, they are hard to get off and the buyer really doesn’t want them or the cost of removing them.

To solve this issue it was suggested that, if you wanted to keep them, purchase a Plexiglas panel about as wide as the license plate and twice as high.   Bolt it to the top and bottom of the license plate bracket and you can put them all over that instead.   Plus,  it will be easy to transfer from one trailer/RV to the next.

#10 – Plastic Grocery Bags – We all like to have some of these in our trailer/RV, to be used in various ways but they’re not easy to store in one place.   To solve this issue it was suggested that one could use an empty “Pringles” chip tube.   You can stuff quite a few bags in these.

Now,  If you are a handy person, you could construct your own out of 1/4″ or 3/8 ” plywood and make it fancy if you want.   I made a simple one that is about 4″ wide X 2″ deep X 12 ” in height.   I cut a half moon hole in the top and bottom and attach it somewhere handy.   I stuff the bags in the top and pull them out through the bottom when I need one.

That’s it for the third installment of “How To Create a Better Camping Experience.  Stay tuned for my fourth installment in about a week and thanks for visiting my website.   Hope these tips are helpful and as always,  Happy Camping and Stay Safe.

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