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About RV Safety Tips And Tricks | RV Safety Tips and Tricks
About RV Safety Tips And Tricks

About RV Safety Tips And Tricks

 Welcome To My Website

Hello everyone and welcome to RV Safety Tips and Tricks, a place where I hope to share ideas about RV safety, RV stuff, to help make our RV experience better with less hassle.

Another hope is that this website will be a place where seasoned RV’ers can, perhaps, share their ideas and tips and where beginners can get helpful suggestions that will make their camping experience more memorable.

My name is Wayne and, along with my awesome wife, Sheilagh, (who took the picture), we have been camping together, with our pets Peanut, (gone to doggy heaven) and Jersey, (on the left), for about twenty years. Over that period of time, we have camped in a tent, a tent trailer and are now on our third, (and probably the last), travel trailer.

We have also learned about some safety tips, tricks and security issues as well as ways to avoid unnecessary maintenance and repairs, the hard way,  some that we wish we had remembered during the orientation and walk through when we bought the trailers.

I’ll be honest, some of our issues have come from ignorance, others from carelessness.  I’m sure that some of you can relate.  We have all had issues, and experiences with our RV’s that we would like to forget.

So I thought, “Why not create a website for the purpose of passing along some RV safety tips and tricks while incorporating some insights from others who have been doing this a lot longer than us?”

And by “Others” I mean you.  You who have been at this for a lot longer than me.  I would really like to hear/read your stories about the issues you have faced and how you solved them.  We/I would also like to hear about your tips and any advice you can offer all RV’ers out there including me.  I want this to be a learning experience for me as well because you’re never too old to learn new tricks, right?

I don’t know everything but this would also be a great way to get better at doing something we all love to do.

To Our Journey

Over the years, we have had to deal with break-ins, thefts, moisture, bumps, and bruises.

We woke up one morning and found our tent trailer had been stolen.  We got it back 2 weeks later but all our stuff including a propane tank, battery, and an outdoor stove, was gone.   Through that ordeal, we learned some important things about security for our RV.

Our First Trailer

Our first travel trailer was broken into. (I guess we hadn’t learned enough about security)  We figure it was a homeless person because all they took was a sleeping bag and, I think, a blanket.  They pried open the door and broke the molding around the bedroom ceiling vent, (no idea what they were looking for there).  We learned more stuff about security through this experience.

The first time we took out our second new trailer I clipped the side of a lamp standard and left a pretty good kink in the edge of the front side phylon/wall.  More lessons learned.

That winter we didn’t take the proper precautions and the following spring we discovered that we had moisture issues with our upper cabinet doors and countertop edges.  There have been other issues as well, all part of a learning process.  Like I said, never too old to learn new tricks.

That’s why I created this website

The purpose of this site is to pass along safety tips and tricks that we have learned and picked up from various sources and pass them on to you who are just getting started and perhaps even some who are more seasoned than us.  In doing this I hope to be able to help beginners, and experienced alike, to have better ways to create adventures and make memories with family and friends, (and pets).

I would also like this site to be a place that people can find links to places and products that would make their RV experience more enjoyable and less stressful.  And, if you need help, want to talk, offer your own advice or encouragement, (even it’s its about something you read on the website), there will be a place for comments and I would love to chat with you and learn from you.

When they happen, I/we will share our troubles, triumphs, and travels with you as well.

Happy Camping and Be Safe,


Author of this website

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