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Just a Few More Tips for a Better Camping Experience | RV Safety Tips and Tricks
Just a Few More Tips for a Better Camping Experience

Just a Few More Tips for a Better Camping Experience

I really hope you’re benefiting from these because here is yet another list of 10 tips for a better camping experience and of course, there will be more.   I am using some of these and I intend to try a few more.   It’s also been interesting to research and discover how others have found ways to overcome issues in their own RV’s/Trailers.

So…….here we go,

#1 – 120 Volt Plugs – A lot of RV’s/trailers have a 120-volt plug somewhere by the table, under the table, and on the wall. The tip here was to buy one of those plastic drink holders, (the type that the marine industry uses).

Cut a hole in the top of the table the same size as the outside of the cup, above where the plug is. Put a hole in the bottom of the cup big enough to pull the power cords through and place it in the hole in the table. This could be used for toasters, blenders, coffee makers or computers/tablets.

#2 – Locks/Padlocks – If you are using these someplace on the outside of your RV/trailer when you’re traveling, they will get dirty and rusty. We all know that a rusty lockpaddle locks with tennis balls is hard to open.

The suggestion here was to take a tennis ball and cut a slit in it big enough to slide the ball through. Squeeze the ball so the slit opens, slide it over the lock and you’re good to go.

If you want to bet a little fancy here, you could cut a couple of notches where the U-shape of the lock comes out of the ball. These notches will fit around the upright portion and create a tighter seal. keeping everything dry and clean inside the ball. The ball will also protect other parts of your RV from further damage when it bangs the side walls or ?

#3 – People Stealing 5th Wheels – There are commercially made ANTI-THEFT products available for protecting your 5TH Wheel and travel trailer. Some go on the Wheel Hub and others fit right onto the hitches.

If you find these to be too expensive for your 5TH Wheel, the speaker suggested that a 1-foot length of hardened chain and a real good lock would do just as good a job as the more expensive device. Wrap the chain tightly around the Kingpin and lock it on and it should do the job.

#4 – Avoiding Electrical Shock – There have been many stories about wiring problems in campgrounds where the neutral and ground wires get switched around. In home’s, it’s not such a big deal because houses a grounded right into the ground that surrounds the house.

This is not the case with RV/trailers. There is no ground wire into the dirt you’re sitting on.circut tester If it’s wired wrong on the power pole your RV/trailer becomes what they call a “Hot Coach” or “Live Skin”. If you step on the step and touch the handle, you will get a slight tingle or shock because something is reversed.

To avoid this issue purchase and inexpensive circuit tester from your local hardware store. Test the plugs outside your RV/trailer and it will tell you, by a series of lights, whether or not you have a “Hot Ground” or a “Reverse Neutral”. Usually, it’s the campground that has the problem.

#5 – One For The Women – This isn’t just for the Ladies in the audience, but, if you arecar horn traveling alone in your RV/trailer and you’re worried about intruders or other unwanted guests when you’re camping just do this.

Mount a couple of automotive horns inside an appropriate storage compartment and wire in the switch beside the stove or ?. If there is a bear or other unwanted guest outside, just hit the switch and the noise will cause them to leave.

#6 – Windows That Push Out – These windows were called “Jealousy Windows” landJealousy Windows are quite common on older trailers. There were usually 2-3 windows and, when they stuck out, it wasn’t uncommon for people to walk into them and I don’t have to tell you the results of that collision.

The solution the speaker gave for this was to take some clothes-pegs and some bright ribbon, clip the pieces of ribbon to the bottom of the windows. The ribbon will blow around in the air, you will see them and avoid getting a fresh hole on your forehead.

#7 – Hot Water Tank Drain Plugs – This is for the “Suburban” tanks that have the steelhot water tank plug anode rods in them. They rust and corrode and can be hard to get out.

The solution here was to use a 4-star wheel wrench. This will give you more leverage on the nut which should free it up and unscrew easier.

This is not needed for the “Atwood” tanks because they use a plastic plug, and of course, plastic plugs don’t rust.

#8 – Dip Sticks – Most of us know that these are used to measure the fluid levels in our vehicles. Most of us would NEVER admit it but the older we get the worse our eyesight gets and it DOES get a little harder to see those lines on the stick.

The suggestion here, (and I have actually seen this and it makes perfect sense), was to take a file and file a V-notch into the edge of the dipstick where the minimum and maximum oil fill lines are, no more than a quarter of the way through. Any further and you risk having the stick break so the less the better. If it breaks the broken end will be inside your engine and this could cause major damage to the inner workings of your vehicle and that equals BIG $$$ to replace or repair.

#9 – At The Side Of The Road – If you ever have to leave your RV/trailer at the side of theauto two prong flasher - Google Search - Google Chrome 2016-04-13 21.03.41 highway because of a flat tire, or something else, on a Class C or A motor home you just flick the switch and the four-way flasher comes on. But not so for your Travel trailer of 5th Wheel.

it was suggested that we should all go and purchase a 2 prong flasher, that you can purchase from any automotive store. Plug it into the top 2 prongs of your 7-way trailer plug, (one is power and the other is for the lights), and the lights will flash.

#10 – Traction – It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes we do get stuck in the snow or some mud and we need a way to get us going again.
metal plaster lath


Metal Plasters Lath was the answer for this one.   All it takes is a couple of pieces, 10″ X 30″.   These pieces will fold/roll up into something small enough to store in your RV and when you get stuck just unravel them, stick an end at each of the back or drive wheels and off you go.


Well, there you have it, another ten tips to make your camping experience better.   And I have to say, I never would have thought of, probably, most of these on my own.   I still have a few more to come and will probably be adding to them over time.


So, as always, if you have a comment or you have an awesome tip/trick of your own PLEASE let me know by leaving a comment.  I promise I will give credit where credit is due and I will answer all comments that are left.

Until then,  Happy Camping and Stay Safe.

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