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My Top 10 Must Have RV Accessories and Supplies | RV Safety Tips and Tricks
My Top 10 Must-have RV Accessories and Supplies

My Top 10 Must-have RV Accessories and Supplies

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My wife and I have been RV’ing for a few years now and,  just recently, I began to think about what would be my top 10 must-have RV accessories and supplies to have in our trailer.  

When I talk about accessories I mean stuff like TP and Black Tank Deodorizer or specific tools.

In my mind, I could come up with a list of a few staples, like the couple I mentioned above as well as paper towel, garbage bags for the kitchen and a few other things as well.   

So, I hope these make sense to you as well.  The main titles of this list of products are linked to the product so just click on the title and you can learn more about them or purchase them if you choose. 


Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links.  this means that if you purchase anything through these links, I will earn a small commission.  You will not pay any extra.  You will pay exactly what the price is plus applicable taxes and shipping only.


With that out of the way, let’s get started.


1 – EternaBond RSW-4-50 Roofseal Sealant Tape –

This tape is great for repairing roof leaks, holding down flexible solar panels and the wiring that goes with them.  This product can be used directly on top of the Dicor Sealant that is used by trailer manufacturers.

This tape is apparently quite sticky, (make sure you read some of the reviews), so use caution when applying and make sure the area is clean.

This product also comes in 2″, 4″, and 6″ widths.  The medium 4″ width is most popular.  Click here or on the image to the right to check the latest prices. There are also YouTube videos available that will give one a better idea of how to install this product.


2 – Awning Repair Tape –  

This is good for repairing tears caused by low overhanging branches or? in your RV awning. It’s clear, comes in 3-inch and 6-inch widths that are 15 feet long.

You can check out the latest Price on

A roll of this tape will probably last a long time.  Be sure that the surface you’re repairing is clean and dry before you make the repair.


3 – Velcro  

This stuff has all kinds of uses.  It is available in various widths, shapes, sizes, lengths, self-adhesive or sew-on as well as hook and loop combinations.  It comes in regular and Industrial strength, cable ties, and much more.  

It can be used for hanging pictures, securing remotes so they don’t get lost, putting coverings on windows or vents or any other small item you want up and out of the way.  If you have trouble keeping track of the children, it might help there as well, LOL.😉

Click on the image to the right for the latest price and other options.


4 – Wheel Chocks

You don’t want to be without some form of these for your RV whether it’s a trailer or a Motorhome.  They will save your RV from unnecessary damage.  

They come in plastic, rubber and metal in various shapes, as indicated by the pictures.  There are so many different types, in the end, I think it comes down to personal preference. 

They range in price from a low of about $12 US up to about $80 US.  These ones fit between the tires on a double axel and provide exceptional stability for your RV.  You can check out the latest prices and selections at


5 – RV Sewer Hose 

If you were given a sewer hose as part of your RV purchase, the chances are that it’s not going to hold up for more than a season or two and, in some cases, it will be too short, (they only give you about 10 feet).

I would recommend purchasing a better quality hose such a Camco RhinoExtreme 20″  Sewer Hose Kit with swivel fittings and the fitting for the sewer.  The cost for this particular hose is in the $40 US range.

The Rhino system comes in two sections so, if you need more, then you have it.  Of course, you could just buy another 10′ hose and join the two together.  Still, it’s nice to have extra when you do need it and, believe me, there will be times when you will be glad you decided to supersize.

There are many different types as well as price options to suit any budget.  You can check them all out at


6 – Plastic Sewer Hose Support

Although there are other ways to support your sewer hose, (I have tried a couple), I think this is more convenient and easier to store, plus, when taken care of they last a very long time.  

I would recommend that you get one that is 20 feet long when fully extended, to go along with your 20-foot drain hose.

There is a wide variety of options and prices and you can check them out at


7 – Porta-Pack Black Water Tank Deodorizer 

Some people use half a bar of Irish Spring soap as an RV hack when it comes to deodorizing their black water tanks.  I, however, believe something like Porta-Pack is a better option no RVer should be without.  It’s very easy to use.

Irish spring soap is just that, soap and it tends to become a lump of soft gooey (can’t think of a name), and I think there is potential for plugging up the drain, where-as the Porta-Pack pouches dissolve completely and permeate all the fluids in the tank and is specially designed to dissolve the tissue and other unmentionable stuff.

It is considered the #1 deodorizer in the world. It comes in pre-packaged portions that breakdown paper and waste, are Formaldehyde free and have great odour protection. You can check out the price here.

Don’t worry, it won’t overpower your RV.  Just add a gallon or two of water to your tank, drop it in and you are good to go, (no pun intended).


8 – Dewalt Socket/Combination Wrench Set 

This is definitely an item no RVer should be without a set of these tools onboard.  These sets come in many different sizes and configurations and pretty much contain everything you will need.  You can check out the variety and prices here.

What I like about them is that all your sockets, ratchets, screwdriver bits, Allen keys and wrenches are there, organized in one place and easy to store.

This is something you could keep under the seat or in the trunk or your vehicle at all times or in the storage compartment of your RV.


9 – Assorted Bungee Cords

Who hasn’t needed one or more of these from time to time?   They come in various sizes with different end designs.  

I’ve even seen some that come with carabiner type ends on them, some that have knobs that pull through a return loop and new varieties as well.  The assortments are endless and you can check them out on

I don’t think that anyone would regret having these on board.  these are one of those “You never know” items.  They come in handy for keeping things anchored like your RV awning in a breeze.  Or a tarp.  Perhaps to keep a ladder attached to your trailer or motorhome.  The possibilities are endless.


10 – Paper Towel and RV Toilet Paper

I have grouped these together and they really should be in the number one spot in this post because it goes without saying that you DON’T want to be without these, E V E R in your RV.  You can check them out here.

The only other thing I want to say here is,  when you purchase toilet paper, make sure it’s a brand that is “Rapid Dissolving” and try not to use too much at once.  These tissues are specially formulated for the RV lifestyle and, yes, they are a little more of an expense but they will save you money in repair bills. 

One thing I do want to emphasize is, PLEASE, DO NOT USE regular household toilet paper. It dissolves much slower and will clog up your drain and make it very hard to unplug.


In Closing

So…..there you have it.  This is my top 10 list and they are by no means the be-all to end-all of what you “Absolutely” need in your RV.  

Other websites may have different lists and that just means that there are other items that others might think are just as, or more, important and they might be and that’s ok.

These are just the ones that I wouldn’t want to be without.  There are others but that’s for another post. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and, more than that, I hope this has been helpful.  If you have any questions, comments or additions, please leave me a note and I would be very happy to hear from you and will respond to everyone.

As always, thanks for reading and have a safe and happy camping trip.  And above all, drive safe.

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