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My Top Tips For RVing with your pets | RV Safety Tips and Tricks
My Top Tips For RVing with your pets

My Top Tips For RVing with your pets

Our First Trailer

RV’ing is very popular in North America and around the world. Many of us love to take our pets with us. There is just something about having the furry members of our family along with us. That said, I would pass along some of my top tips for RV’ing with our pets.

My wife and I have been RV’ing with our pets ever since we got our first trailer, a tent trailer. At first, we used to leave our cat at home because WE didn’t think she would like it very much. You know, cats are cats and most seem indifferent to what’s going on.

After we bought our first travel trailer, Jersey and Peanut(pictured above), we decided to take her along and just see what would happen. We were amazed at how well she adjusted to the RV environment. In some ways, I think she adjusted better than our two dogs. She became a regular member of our camping family until she was 16+ yrs. Old.

We have since, lost one of our other RV buddies, (Peanut, The black and white), and the other one has assumed his position as head of the RV family.

You know, I tend to take a lot of pictures when we are away but, I don’t seem to take any of our best buddies. I will update when I have more.

Let’s Start With Camping Etiquette.

No matter where you set up your home away from home there are going to be a lot of other people with pets in there RV’s. Right now we only have one small dog. We used to have all three with us at the same time.

I have seen some people come to a campsite with up to three animals and most of the time they are all dogs.

Anyone who has been at a campsite has seen some people that don’t have much control over their animals. There is always someone who thinks they have enough control of their pets that they don’t need to obey the pet rules. We all know how that turns out.

So… here are some tips we think will be helpful when camping in close quarters with other campers. These are just common courtesy and will go a long way to keeping the peace between you and your neighbours.

  1. Collars and ID tags and SHOTS – Make sure that these are all up to date. This is very important because you never know what can happen. Your pet might get lose or get a bite from another dog. If you have a cell phone, it might be a good idea to have a tag with your first name, the name of your pet and phone number attached to the collar so someone can contact of you encase you get separated from your pet. You could even think about having your pet micro-chipped. If that is something that you do, make sure you update the information with the company you have registered the chip with.
  2. Leashes – Please keep your pets on a leash when at the campsite. If you have a good enclosure that might be an alternative to the leash but, always be aware of your surroundings and what is going on.
  3. Noise – Make sure your pet (dog) doesn’t disturb other campers around you. If your dog has a tendency to bark if you are not at the site for any length of time, this can be especially annoying to other campers in the area especially if you are gone for a couple of hours. Take them with you if this is a potential problem. They are your responsibility and really aren’t any different than children that make a lot of noise. Some resorts will issue warnings and fines if the noise continues.
  4. POOOOP – This is a big one folks. No one likes to see a big dump in the middle of the path. Stepping in it is gross. So, always carry a poop bag with you even if you are only out walking for a few minutes. Sometimes it happens that fast. And… if you should come across something that someone didn’t pick up, be a good neighbour and pick it up. I just think it’s the right thing to do.
  5. Unattended Pets – WE all know that it can get pretty hot inside a vehicle in the summer when the sun is shining. Even on a cloudy day, if it’s warm, so is the inside of the car. The same is true for a trailer or motor home. If you have to leave your pets alone in the RV for any length of time PLEASE turn on the air conditioner. If they could, your pets would thank you. Temperatures can balloon by 20+ degrees inside of half an hour so it’s important to remember this.


More Tips

The first section concerned etiquette, general information about behaviours that are greatly appreciated by other campers. They also show that one cares about the well being of others. I know It sounds a bit holistic but, really, don’t you want to see other people having a great time as well?

In this section, I want to give you a list of stuff your pet/s will need while away with you.

These items would include things like, (I know, you wouldn’t forget any of these… right?),

  1. A leash and collar or halter. (I know, who would forget those? Just covering my but,).
  2. Litter for the feline? (That’s French for Cat)
  3. Medications, if they have them. Take enough for the whole trip plus a few extra encase you decide to stay longer?
  4. Rain gear. We take ours so, why not take some for the dog/s. It makes for less work when cleaning them up.
  5. Don’t forget the crate, if you use one at home.
  6. POOP BAGS. You could actually keep some rolls of these in the trailer at all times.
  7. Does your pet have a favourite toy/s? Take them along too and their favourite blanket or bed if they have one. It will help make their new surroundings more familiar.
  8. Food and some treats. You may not be able to get the food or treats your pet is used to so, pack enough for the whole trip. This is especially important if your furry buddy is on a prescription diet.
  9. Drinking-Water. Most pets will be alright with whatever water you might give them but, some pets may have sensitive stomachs. In that case, it may be a good idea to take along some water from home.
  10. Photos. This is one that I would not have thought of if I had not done some research on this subject. Take hard copy photos of your pets with you so you will have something for people to look at if a pet goes missing. Yes, you may have them on your phone but, hard copies are a good idea just in case you lose your phone.
  11. Old towels. We take along a few old towels to wipe down or dog if he gets wet which will, for sure, happen in the rain or at the beach.
  12. Check Park pet policies. This is something else that hit a spark with me. Yeah, if you plan to be at a certain park or campsite check the policies. These are usually included on the park websites or you can call.
  13. If you keep records of your pet’s visits to the vet, you should take them with you as well for reference if you have to visit a vet away from home.
  14. If your pet is not allergic to pet bug sprays take some of that too.
  15. Last but, not least, be mindful of your pet’s routine and schedule. Once you are on the road remember to stop every couple of hours so they can relieve themselves and give them a drink and a chance to stretch their legs, (and yours as well).


I hope that all of us would agree that, even though our pets are animals they are still part of our family and should be treated as such. Anything we can do to make them more comfortable and at ease will go far in assuring us of an adventure we will not soon forget.

For me and my wife, there is nothing like have our little furry buddy curled up next to us or between us on the couch when we are out touring in our RV. It’s only 24 feet long but, it’s our home on wheels and we want our pet to feel at home with us.

I hope you have found this post to be informative and enjoyable to read. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comment space provided below. I will be more than happy to respond to any and all comments.

In the meantime, I hope you have a great and safe camping experience with your pets and, who knows, maybe we will cross paths out there somewhere.

Keep Moving Forward,


Owner of

28 thoughts on “My Top Tips For RVing with your pets

  1. Wow! This is one of the interesting articles I have ever read.

    It is such an informative one. I love pets and I really like taking them out along with me so I found this article very helpful. Before, I never took carrying a poo bag along when taking them out with me is very advisable but now I have seen clearly its importance. Indeed this article is worth sharing! Thanks for taking your time to gather this up.

    1. Thanks for visiting my website, Tunde. So glad you picked up on the POOOP bag point. Many where I live are real lazy when it come to picking up after their dogs even though they too have experienced the nastyness of stepping in some.

      That said, many more are very responsible.  If you don’t kow where to get some poop bags, you can get them at a dollar store if you have one nearby.

      Thanks again for your comment and I hope that some of the other tips will help you out as well.


  2. Awesome information. This is an incredible post. I love pets so much, especially dogs.I really enjoyed every bit of the tips you outlined. I have learned some tips that i never thought of their importance. so I found these tips very useful and I can’t deny the fact that it’s enlightening enough. 

    Those ethics highlighted are really factual and one should endeavor to keep them observed. 

    Thanks for this post. Looking forward to reading more of your articles.

    1. Thanks for visiting my website, Michael and I am glad you enjoyed reading my post.

      Yes, all of these are important for us to know.  If we implement them others will have a great camping experience and so will we.

      Many don’t understand the importance of the responsibility we have when it comes to our pets.  That is the whole reason I put this out there.

      Glad you were able to get something out of it.

      All the best and Happy Camping,


  3. Great one! This is really informative and interesting. I kept reading till I unknowingly got to the end of the article .l

    I really love the way you outlined the reviews. I have always been a lover of pet write from time, so I found these tips very useful and it has exposed my eyes to some things I have never thought of..I must say this is an expositive one.

    Thanks for the well structured article.

    1. Hi, Michael and thanks for visiting my website. And thanks for hanging in there and reading the whole thing.

      All these tips are important and I glad that I was able to open your eyes about some things as well.  That was the whole idea behind this.

      If you are a Camper, I hope you will have a better experience because of my post.

      All the best and, Happy Camping,


  4. What an interesting topic on safety tips and tricks with our Pet’s. I’m a lover of Pet’s and so is my wife. I have just learnt some tricks and safety tips from your write up especially in the aspect of Pool and Medication. We don’t really have much experience with that part. Pet’s are wonderful creature’s, they also possess some trait with humans though some people at my neighbourhood detests them but when one understands how they operates, No sooner you’ll realize it’s great to have one. Thanks for this write up. Cheer’s

    1. I love pets as well, Tony but I think my wife likes them a little more.  When we got married 23 years ago I had two cats that I had to part with before we tied the knot.

      She had an amazing Airedale Terrier.  Such beautiful dogs.  We have also had a cat and two other dogs, (after the Airedale), and currently have just the redhead in the picture.  I have really enjoyed their company… part of the family, and they all went camping/RV’ing with us at one time or another.

      My wife taught me a lot about the care and handling dogs so this list just made sense.  It’s something that all animal owners should look into and implement.

      As you say, pets are wonderful creatures.  Treat them right and the love that comes back is more than worth the effort.

      Thanks for visiting my website, Tony and I’m glad you able to learn something.

      All the best and, Happy Camping,


  5. I have a dream to live in RV and travel all different part of our country. I may start this lifestyle in 6 months time. I was worried about my pets and I was wondering how would I take care of them in a small place with limited resources. But I am really enjoyed reading your blog and thank you for sharing your helpful tips to deal with pets in RV.

    1. Yeah, I hear you, Sanjay.  That has been a dream in the back of my head for some time now. I just have to try and convince my wife that it would be fun.  

      We are due to retire in a couple of months and we want to take a long trip, maybe a month or 6 weeks just to get our energy back and see some of our province, British Columbia.

      Before you make your dream come true, be sure to read a couple of my other posts and do a lot of research on the different types of trailers and other RV’s, the variety is exhaustive.

      It’s a learning curve not unlike What we newbies have to learn to be an online Affiliate Marketer.  But, learn we must if we are to be successful in anything, Right?

      All the best as you follow your dreams and maybe we will meet somewhere or through WA.

      All the best and Happy Camping,


  6. Here in Australia, RVs are far and away the biggest segment of the motor vehicle sales industry.

    And with more and more people looking to get away in their RVs for camping ground holidays and wanting to take their pets with them, your article couldn’t be more timely.

    When I was a kid, we always took our dog with us when we went on vacation. We simply never considered anything else. And there was no doubt he enjoyed all the new sights, sounds and smells as well. Even to the extent when I would take him kayaking!

    We never had cats though, so it was very interesting to hear how well your cat took to going RVing with you. That will be encouraging news to a lot of cat people.

    Your 5 tips for good etiquette around other people RVing with their pets are spot on.

    Your list of 15 things to take are very useful too. It’s the sort of thing every pet owner should print out and check off before leaving on their RV + pets holiday. If everyone did that, we’d all have a much more pleasant time, wouldn’t we?

    1. For sure, Phil.  It’s a growing industry and pastime here in North America as well.  Summertime sees RV/Camping resorts pretty much full to the brim and an even bigger segment of the RV world is the number of people that are turning to full-time RV’ing.

      They are selling everything and doing it.  Setting their RV sails and living a life of freedom on the road. and it’s not just older retirees either.  Young people in their very late 20’s and early thirties are being bitten by the Fulltime bug.

      As for cats?  We were surprised as well when we took her for the first time.  The new surroundings were a bit undaunting for here but she adjusted very quickly and settled right in.

      I’m really hoping that a lot of people will find this post and be able to use.  Most of the points are common sense and the list to take… well, I hope I didn’t miss anything.

      My wife an I have always been conscious of the others around us.  My wife is detail oriented which is good because I’m not the best at details and I think we have pretty good holidays because of it.  I mean, isn’t that the reason we go?… to get rest and relax and as you said, have a pleasant time.

      Thank you so much for your comment, Phil. it’s appreciated.

      All the best and, Happy Camping,


  7. Thank you so much for these tips. Some campers do not know how annoying it is for their pets to wander off and  cause a source of worry for other campers. Unfortunately, we all can’t all be animal lovers and it would be nice for animal lovers to realize this and also consider that when out in shared public places. I am sending a link to my friend now, she is guilty of a few of these negligence. Thanks for educating and getting people informed on how to camp responsibly with the fury members of their family.

    1. Thanks for visiting my website, Vaps and taking the time to read my post.  

      Yes, it is annoying when pets wander off when these campers probably know that the rules of the place where they are staying, (at least the one that we frequent) state that pets are to be on a leash at all times. And, even if it wasn’t a rule it should just be a common courtesy to be responsible for your animals.

      My Wife and I have a metal fence that we take with us to contain our dog and I even built some panels that lean up against our trailer to prevent our dog from getting underneath the trailer.  There are ways to keep our pets in check when at the campsite.

      Education and helping others have a better camping experience is the sole purpose of this website.  I’m glad that I was able to help you and I hope your friend will see the light as well.

      All the best and, Happy Camping,


  8. I believe Pets are very important part of any family that has them and also serve as a reprensentation of the entire family. Therefore they should be taken good care of during rving and camping, so they dont embarass their owners and cause potential arguments with other campers.Thanks Wayne for this absolutely important tips.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Aweda and you are correct.  Pets are family members and it’s our responsibility to make sure they are under control.  Training has a lot to do with that and I believe results in a better outcome, not just at home but, out in public as well.

      It’s not just about etiquette at the campsite. It should be happening whenever and wherever we are with our animals.

      If you are a camper, I hope you read the whole post.  There are valuable tips for packing for your pets as well.

      All the best and, Happy Camping,


  9. How I will be happier in RV? This is a very pretty and helpful article for me because I am so so curious about the RV life.  This article will help me in the future cause of I have read this article carefully. All of your tips are most important for rving with pets. Very very thank you for the helpful article.

    1. Yes, Lee, you will be happier.  I’m not a full-time RV’er but these tips go hand in hand for everyone. If we do our part, perhaps others will get the idea.

      Most of these tips are common sense when you think about it.  Who doesn’t want a pet that knows how to behave when in a different environment?  I think everyone does.

      And the extra parts of the list will also make any RV adventure less stressful as well when we know we have everything we need for a trip.

      I am glad you are curious about the RV lifestyle and I hope that you get to fulfill that curiosity someday.

      All the best and, Happy Camping,


  10. Our pets are every bit a part of our family as any human member.  Our dog goes everywhere with us, and in fact, we don’t go anywhere where he isn’t welcome, to be honest.  Not for any length of time anyway.  If we camp, it’s always on sites that are dog friendly.  He’s wonderful, his name is Cyrus, and he loves camping.  We have been thinking about getting an RV and travelling around, so I’m happy I found your site to give us ideas and insight into this important topic.

    1. Hey, Babsie, thanks for visiting my website and leaving a comment.

      You know you are absolutely right, when we lost our last furry buddy it was heartbreaking. As animal lovers, they really are no different than any other human family member to us.  We fee them, we care for them and, in return, they give us the best unconditional love ever… aside from God’s Love.

      Our pets are amazing companions and we need to do whatever we can to make their camping experience as comfortable as we can.  We wouldn’t want it any different for other members of our family.

      Tell me, if you will.  Does your dog sleep with you when camping? 🙂  I thought so.

      Let me know when you get your RV.  It’s a great way to have a home away from home and nowadays we aren’t really leaving much behind when you consider what is included in an RV.

      I’m happy you got something out of this post.  It’s what my website is all about.

      All the best and, Happy Camping,


  11. Dear Wayne,

    Thanks for your informative summary on RVing with pets. It is timely article for me, since my wife and I are planning camp with RV. Of course, we will bring our dog with us.

    I printed out your tips and the shipping list is very helpful. My dog is nice and quite, but he has never been in RV. Do we need to do some training of him so that he get used to the RV environment.

    We plan to start our trip from June to September in the East coast. Do we need to carry special drugs for our dog?



    1. You’ll have to let me know about your RV adventure with your wife and dog, Anthony.  I’m also glad you found this post informative.

      I’m not saying that everything will be perfect but, If you take these tips to heart, you will have a way better experience.  Printing them out is a great idea.

      I’m not sure what training you have already given your furry buddy but, I will say that if he is quiet at home it doesn’t mean he will be out in the RV world.  I would suggest that if you have done some training with your dog, it might be good for you to do some reinforcement training as well as getting it used to being around other dogs. You know, just to bring him/her up to speed.

      If you read the whole post, I do mention that, if the dog/pet in on any kind of medication, you should take enough for the whole trip and a little for back up.  Make sure that all of your dog’s shots are up to date as well. Take his/her favorite bed or towel and toy as well.  These will help in the adjustment to a different environment.

      I think that does it for now.  Thanks for visiting my website and leaving this comment.

      All the best and, Happy Camping,


  12. Will I travel consistently or stay in one place? Wow, What a great article! really it is an amazing article. We are considering getting an RV soon I think I will be very helpful for me.  You have explained all of the tips Short and sorted.  Thanks for the informative, enjoyable and surprising article about RV safety.

    1. You are very welcome, Janna and thanks for visiting my website.

      I’m so glad you got something out of my post.  I would suggest that you print off the page and keep it for future reference.

      I’m also happy that you are considering an RV and, for sure this info will be a big help as you go out on your first adventure.

      One other thing.  I would suggest that you folks do lots of research before you purchase an RV and maybe even rent one first to see if it truly is something you want to do.

      I wish you all the best in our search.

      Happy Camping,


  13. Hi Wayne, I know you have already heard this several times. This is a great post.  

    I have to be honest until I looked at your website, I would have never considered taking cats on a vacation in an RV (I don’t own an RV). You know cats, they don’t like their world interrupted. 

    Your post not only gave me good advice, but it touched my heart. 

    Thank you so much. 

    Your brother in Christ, Johnny. 

    1. Hey, Jonny.  Thanks for visiting my website and leaving your comment.  Yes, many have read it and appreciated the message I was trying to convey.  Some especially liked my tip about the POOOOP bags issue:)

      We never really thought about the cat issue either, believing that cats are, to a point, loners.  So, you can imagine our surprise as well, the first time we took her with us. It only took a day or two and it was like, “OK, this is my new home, I can be queen here too.  My realm has expanded and my subjects are all in one place.”

      Yeah, she was quite “Happy” to be included in the adventure.

      We do miss our feline buddy, Smokey and our other furry friend, Peanut, as well and If God chooses to reunite us, Heaven will be even better and more perfect than than my finite human mind could ever conceive.  If not, it won’t really matter because we will be in the presence of The One who will give us the desires of our heart and the things of earth won’t be so important. 

      In Christ,


  14. So so many useful tips and tricks all on one page! Wonderful! I bookmarked to look further. This is insightful and I must say it’s a lovely review; I am just getting to know about these lovely tips. It’s an eye opener and a must for all pet lovers to read. Thanks for sharing this lovely review. its well appreciated

    1. Hello, Ola and thanks so much for your kind words.  I’m really glad that you thought my post was good enough to Bookmark it and I hope that you will share it with others, especially those who like to RV and camp with their pets.

      Maybe someday you will have an opportunity to do the same, in which case, you will be prepared.

      All the best and, if the opportunity comes?  Happy Camping,


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