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Review of Sunbeam's "Sonic Egg" | RV Safety Tips and Tricks
Review of Sunbeam’s “Sonic Egg”

Review of Sunbeam’s “Sonic Egg”

Sunbeam’s  “Sonic Egg”  Bark Deterrent is exactly what the title says it is.   It is a device that will help stop the annoying bark of your pet when you are away from or at home.


We purchased this device thinking we could use it at home to stop our pets from annoyingSunbeam Ultrasonic Egg Dog Bark Control Device our neighbor which they often did when we were out of the house.


Well, it seems that this device can be used just about anywhere, and not just in the backyard or in the house.


Because it is battery operated and has a hanging cord, it can just about go anywhere including to the campsite.  Which means that if my wife and I want to leave for a couple of hours and go do some shopping, or somewhere else, and we don’t want to take along the dogs we can leave them in the trailer,  with the “Sonic Egg” on and not be worried that they will bark while we are gone.


So if you’re tired of constant barking in your home or struggling with noisy dogs next door, you can stop annoying barking with the  Sunbeam®Sonic Egg™.  Simply place theSunbeam Ultrasonic Egg Dog Bark Control Device 2 Sonic Egg 5 feet from the ground in the direction that the dog barking originates to help control unwanted barking. When the dog barks, the Sonic Egg emits an ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear and it will work up to 50 feet away.  By the way, it is also weatherproof and can be placed or mounted anywhere around your home.  The one that we have sits on our piano, in the living  room and works very well.  Our neighbor has noticed that our dogs don’t bark now when we are out of the house.

In the USA, the Sonic egg can be purchased at Pet Smart for about $39.99 plus tax. sells it for $67.58 USD + tax and ships for free, (I have no idea why there is such a large discrepancy in price).   In the Canadian Pet Smart, (where we got ours),  it cost $54.99, plus tax.
Regardless of the price, I think it’s well worth the expense to save ours and the neighbors sanity, not to mention, the life of an awesome family member.
Sonic EggTM Bark Control Trio

Upon further searching, I also found, on Amazon, that these three items can be purchased together for $122.87 or separately.   The egg sells for $58.99, The little Hand Held Egg Dog Control Device sells for $27.49 in Canada and the Dogtek Sonic Bird HouseBark Control Outdoor/Indoor sells for about $30.00.

This ultrasonic noise device should not be used close to the human ear.  It should be more than 12 inches away.
The Sonic Egg should only be used to stop a dog from barking.
The Sonic Egg should never be within the reach of children.
This device is not guaranteed to protect against aggressive dogs.

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