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RV Basics 101 - RV Safety Tips and Tricks
RV Basics – 101

RV Basics – 101

This page is called RV Basics – 101  and the purpose of this page will be, to give us a basic understanding of the workings and general maintenance of our RV/Trailer/Motorhome.

When I say “Basic Understanding” I’m thinking about things to do with our RV’s that I think we should have basic knowledge of like, our electrical systems, plumbing systems and general maintenance of our RV.

There will be stuff about “Warranties” and “Extended Warranties” which, for a specified time, canhelp with other issues arising with certain parts of our trailer.  I will also try to write about the necessity for proper insurance coverage outside of the warranty: things like accident and liability coverage which would be similar to our vehicle insurance.  The picture on the right is one of 8 doors that we had to replace in our trailer because the joints were pulling apart.  

The one on the left is a picture of the molding on the front of our trailer that was coming undone and the actual front fylon also had to be replaced because of wrinkling on the face of the panel. The first issue (doors) were not covered by our extended warranty and cost us a bundle to replace.

The second issue was deemed a manufacturing defect and was covered by the extended warranty which saved us over $1200.  Other issues that we have had were also covered by the extended warranty which I think has now paid for itself.  So, I think having an extended warranty is probably a good idea.

This just seems to be a good idea because whether we have our RV for a long or short period of time, we should want them to stay in the best possible condition especially if we decide we want to sell them.  Or, maybe we might want to upgrade to an RV that’s nicer or to something that we can use as a full-time residence.

If this is the case then we want to be able to get as much for our RV as possible and keeping it in the best shape possible will get us the best possible dollar for our trade in.

Even vintage RV’s, like these that I found online, that are restored or kept in great condition, can fetch a good price.

So, that’s what this page will be about and I hope it provides you with some helpful information.  I will be giving you general information and sometimes in more than one part.

If there is anything you would like me to write about concerning these things please feel free to leave comments and questions in the space provided and as always…Happy Camping and Drive Safe.

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