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RV Safety - Why is it SO Important? | RV Safety Tips and Tricks
RV Safety – Why is it So Important?

RV Safety – Why is it So Important?

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RV safety – Why is it so important and why should we concern ourselves with it when we’re driving or towing our RV?

Well, for me it’s not just during those times that we need to be safety conscious and I’m sure it isn’t for most of you either. I say most because, like you, I see a lot of people on the road that are just looking out for themselves, not giving much thought to how their actions may affect other drivers around them.

Make no mistake here, I’m not a perfect driver. I make mistakes too but I would say that I have developed some good driving habits, (encouragement from my awesome wife), like using signals 98% of the time, leaving enough space between me and the vehicle in front of me, (I really dislike tailgaters), habits we should all have. NO DISTRACTED DRIVING.

If we have a drivers license, there is a great deal of responsibility that comes with that and it extends to the habits we have when driving or towing an RV.  Common sense and good driving habits will go a long way to protecting us, (and those who may be on the road with us), when we are on a road trip discovering new places and making new memories.

So, I’ve written, some, about why I think RV Safety is important,  but I thought I should do some more research and find out what others thought about when it came to safety on the road and in the campsite.

A magazine I like to read had an article about this subject and had a couple of very good tips along the line of being prepared in the event of a flat tire happening.  The article recommended that “Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems” and an air compressor should be on our list of must-haves just in case we find ourselves away from humans boondocking somewhere off the beaten track.  I couldn’t find a reason to disagree with what the article had to say. In fact, I will be investing in a tire monitoring system for my trailer in the coming days.

Tire Monitoring Systems

Tire Monitoring Systems are being used more and more on cars and trucks these days.  In fact, they are becoming standard equipment.  After-market monitoring systems are becoming more cost-effective and can easily be installed by the person who buys

Tire pressures should be checked on a regular basis so, with this system on your vehicle, you will always know if your tire pressure is adequate, our tires will last longer and help with gas mileage as well.

Issues with underinflated tires include excessive tread wear, wobbling of the tire which causes the tire to heat up more rapidly which causes the rubber to soften and delaminate.  A delaminated tire can cause even more damage.

You know, I just started thinking about all the consequences of a blow-out and it’s a pretty scary thought.  I’ll be getting some of these for my RV ASAP.

Air Compressors

I carry one of these in my truck at all times and I think they are a must have.  They aren’t that expensive and come in a variety of sizes.  They are also a lot more rugged now than the early ones.  They are available at most automotive retailers and places like, Walmart, Lowe’s and, in Canada, at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, and Rona.  Some hardware stores like Home Hardware and Ace, carry them as

amazon-com_-smittybilt-2733-tire-plug-and-seal-kitWhen it comes to Motor-Homes, compressors are pretty standard for Diesel class-A’s that have air brakes and can be added as an option on some gas Motor-Homes.  Asking a dealer about this option would be a good idea….if you’re interested.

Along with the compressor, it would be a good idea to have a tire repair kit as well.  They are inexpensive and easy to use.  Here’s a TIP:  Find an old tire, poke a few holes in it and practice fixing it.  I think it would only take a few times and then if it ever happened you would be ready to conquer that flat tire demon.

Road Safety Kits

There is just one more item I think would be a must on any camping adventure when on the road and that would be a amazon-com_-top-gear-premium-roadside-assistance-kit-66-pieceRoad Safety Kit, one that contains a shovel, (for snow), a toolkit, a multi-tool, a window mount reflector, first aid kit,amazon-com_-performance-tool-w1555-deluxe-roadside-assistance-kit 10 gauge booster cables, some duct tape, a flashlight with batteries, gloves, emergency poncho, a fleece blanket, a tire gauge, 4000 LB towing strap and more, all packed into a carrying case.

These kits are available at and come with various equipment.  Some have first aid supplies and a towing cable, reflectors or cones with red strobe lights, Safety vests, and some even have a small compressor and tire repair kits.

In Summary

In the end, I believe it is the responsibility of everyone to consider the safety of ourselves equally as important as the safety of those with us and around us whether we’re on the road with our RVs or just driving our vehicles.  None of us wants to be held responsible for injuring or being the cause of someone losing their life because of our lack of road respect.  Complacency is not an option when it comes to protecting those we love and others while we are enjoying the beauty of the countryside and the RV experience.

As always, if you have any questions or comments or a story you would like to tell, feel free to leave them in the appropriate place on this page and always remember to drive and stay safe and HAPPY CAMPING.

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