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RV Space Heaters - My Top 5 Choices | RV Safety Tips and Tricks
RV Space Heaters – My Top 5 Choices

RV Space Heaters – My Top 5 Choices

Sure Could Use a Little Heat!!

My Top 5 Choices for RV Space Heaters

Before I go any further I should tell you that this post has a few Affiliate Links included in it. If you click on these links you will be taken to If you make a purchase while there, I will make a commission. This WILL NOT increase the purchase price of your product. You will pay exactly the cost plus whatever taxes or shipping costs are applicable.

In my last article, I wrote about space heaters and whether or not they were safe to use in our RVs. If you haven’t read it yet you can check it out by clicking this link.

In this article, I want to give you my top five choices for RV space heaters. Space heaters, when used safely can provide an excellent heat source to supplement your onboard heater and save a few dollars on propane in the process when using electricity at a campsite.

Other space heaters that use propane and even the electric ones, have excellent safety features and are safe as long as you follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.

As I said in the previous post, most if not all fires related to these heaters probably would have been avoided if the users followed all the proper safety recommendations.

With that said, I want to give you some safety tips that I mentioned in my last post.

  • First and foremost you must read the owner’s manual and follow the safety recommendations.
  • Make sure all the smoke and CO detectors are working properly and replace them at least every year. Check them before you go out for a camping trip and replace if not working.
  • Only use heaters with an auto shut off when tipped over.
  • Do not use or leave a space heater running when you are not home.
  • Maintain a minimum of at least 3 feet of empty space around your heater.
  • Don’t allow children to play near the heater
  • Make sure your heater is on a flat and solid surface.
  • Make sure there is adequate ventilation. Open RV windows and roof vents. This will allow fresh air to move through the RV.
  • Don’t disable any of the sensors or safety switches.
  • Don’t use with extension cords. If you must, make sure the extension you use is CONSTRUCTION GRADE. That’s at least 16-gauge.

I think that if you follow these tips you shouldn’t have any issues with these heaters.

QUICK NOTE: Before I get to my choices, I want to tell you that I just went and got out the space heater that we have been using in our trailer. Well, I did a test and discovered that it WAS NOT SAFE. It’s an electric ceramic (very nice heat) heater but it didn’t have a safety shut off if it fell over. We have had pets most of our trailer camping life and this would not be safe if we forgot to turn it off when we weren’t around and left them in the trailer alone. So, it’s gone and I will be replacing it.

Sorry about that. I just thought I should mention that. We love our pets and don’t want to see anything happen to them.


What Are My Choices?

So, let’s get to those choices. First up is:


Mr. Heater Big Buddy Portable RV Propane Heater Indoor-safe

Price: Click on the image to the right  for today’s price

Weight: 16.7 Pounds ADD picture text HERE

Product Dimensions: 19 x 12 x 17.8 inches

Rating: 78% of the 456 reviews were 5 stars (#10 best-selling space heater on

  • 4, 000-18, 000-BTU heater for spaces to 450 square feet. These are great for a larger trailer or motorhome.
  • These units are approved for indoor/outdoor use. they are clean-burning and nearly 100-percent efficient.
  • Uses twin propane canisters, one for each element. Both must be attached to use the HIGH setting.
  • When using the heater at altitudes above 7, 000 FT above sea level the heater may shut off due to lack of oxygen
  • Equipped with AUTO SHUT-OFF if tipped over, if the pilot light goes out, or if it detects low oxygen levels. Leave a window and vent open at least 3 inches for proper ventilation.
  • Control knob allowes for settings of Low, medium and high heat level for steady temperatures. Connects to a one-pound propane canister (not included) or a larger tank using the properly authorized hose and regulator fitting.

What I like:

  • Double canister unit with low, medium and high settings.
  • Great safety features.
  • Clean burning
  • It can be used with larger propane tanks.

What I Don’t Like:

About the only thing I don’t like is that they say you should only use their AUTHORISED ACCESSORIES/ATTACHMENTS. Sadly, if you don’t use their accessories and attachments the warranty will be void.

The other side of that would be, that if anything does go wrong and you are using their accessories, you have the warranty.

That said, here is a link to their 12ft Big Buddy Hose with Regulator if you want to check it out.

Next up is another heater by MR. HEATER

Mr. Heater F232017 MH9BXRV Buddy Grey Indoor-Safe Portable

Price: Click on the image to the right for today’s price

Weight: 9.25 pounds

Product Dimensions: 14.3 x 14.2 x 9.1 inches

Rating: Out of 288 reviews 74% were 5 star

This one uses a single propane canister and would be my preference being that my trailer is smaller. This heater is great for spaces up to 225 square feet. Other features include,

  • 4,000- to 9,000-BTU radiant heater. This heater is approved for indoor/outdoor use and nearly 100-percent efficient.
  • If you opperate the heater at altitudes of 7,000 FT or above above the heater may shut off.
  • Equipped with AUTO SHUT-OFF if tipped over, if the pilot light goes out, or if it detects low oxygen levels
  • This unit also has a fold-down handle; swivel-out regulator; connects to a 1 pound propane canister (not included) or a larger tank with authorized attachments.
  • Using UN-AUTHORIZED ACCESSORIES with this heater will void the warrenty and may also cause serious harm.

Here is an excellent YouTube review of a related product made by the same company but only sold in California, unfortunately. This fellow put this product through some pretty stiff testing in my opinion. Have a look, leave a comment and, let me know what you think.


What I like:

  • More suitable for smaller trailers (up to 225 sq. ft)
  • Lightweight at only 9.25 lbs.
  • lasts for several hours on one tank. The guy in the video said it lasted all night on the low setting.
  • It can also be hooked up to a larger propane tank. Please use their authorized accessory

What I didn’t like:

There isn’t really anything I dislike about the product other than what I mentioned above. I would still suggest that you purchase their accessories and attachments and avoid nullifying the warranty.

Caution – A Heads Up

Before I go any further, I want to reiterate my previous statement concerning the use of propane heaters. It is very important that you understand that you have to leave a window or two and roof vent open at least 2-3 inches for proper ventilation. Propane heaters burn fossil fuels.

The company that makes these units purports them to be almost 100% efficient. Customer 5 star ratings on these units are pretty high and they say they haven’t had any issues with them but, as with any man-made product, there is always going to be the odd one that gets past the rigours of quality control.

The fellow in the video did very extensive testing with this unit and did not get any Carbon monoxide readings on his detector. He followed the instructions for ventilation and spent a night in his camper with the heater going with no ill effects. He further tested it by leaving it inside his camper, (he was not), with all the windows and vents closed and still no readings.

This individual also tested (it’s all in the video) his detector in front of his truck exhaust and proved that it was working.

In the interests of safety, he left his window and vent open and I would suggest, no, I would insist that you leave yours open as well. Insist is a strong word, I know but, it’s our responsibility to make sure we use any heater safely to protect or family, pets and friends and, it is recommended in the product instructions. Besides, it’s always a good idea to leave the windows and the vents open at least an inch or two to allow for the ventilation of access moisture from your RV which cuts down on condensation on cool surfaces like windows.


Ceramic Heaters

In this section, I want to list 2 Ceramic Heaters I think will do the job. They are:

Lasko Electronic Ceramic Heater – For Tabletop or Floor – with Remote Control

Price: Click the image to the right for today’s price

Weight:4.86 pounds

Product Dimensions:7.6″ x 6.5″ x 17″ high

Rating: 3 reviews with a 4.6 out of 5 average

  • compatible size for table or floor use
  • A safe ceramic element along with overheat protection and cool-touch housing help make this unit safe.
  • Easy-to-use electronic controls
  • 1500 watts of comforting warmth
  • Oscillation covers a wide area
  • Quiet operation

What I Like:

  • good safety features
  • Digital readout
  • Comes with a carry handle
  • Remote control

What I didn’t like:

  • It does not appear to have an auto shut off if knocked over


Electric Space Heater – 1500W Fast Heating Portable Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater – INFRARED HEATER

Price: Click the image to the right for today’s price

Weight: 5.7 pounds

Product Dimensions: 8.2″ x 6.7″ x 17″ tall

Customer Rating: 60% 5 Star rating out of 269 customer reviews

  • Fast heating & temperature control
  • Has remote control and a smart 12-hour timer
  • Overheat and auto-shutoff protection
  • 120 Degree oscillation radius whit three fan speeds
  • Carrying handle.

What I like:

  • Relatively lightweight
  • carrying handle
  • Sturdy build
  • Digital Readout
  • Fast heating
  • Has a tip-over switch on the bottom
  • remote control that does everything so you don’t have to touch it.

What I don’t like:

  • There really isn’t anything to dislike about this unit


Catalytic Heaters

Last but certainly not least, I want to offer a wall-mounted catalytic heater. This particular heater can be used as a stand-up heater as well. Let me introduce you to:


Camco Olympian Wave-6 6000 BTU Catalytic Heater

Price: Click the image to the right for today’s price

Weight: 1 Pound

Product Dimensions: H x W x D 21 1/4″ x 15″ x 4 3/8″

Customer rating: 60% of 864 reviews were 5 Star


  • Adjustable from 3200 to 6000 BTU/hr. Allows it to be used as a secondary heating source
  • These heaters operate on low-pressure gas and can be wall-mounted or used as a portable unit.
  • There is no electrical hook-up needed which makes them perfect for Boondocking and dry camping.
  • There is an SAE connection on the heater to attach a 1 LB propane canister or a large propane tank with the proper fittings.
  • Has a Peizo starter. Ratted at 20,000 starts
  • Equipped with a safety shut off valve to help prevent accidental discharge of non-ignited fuel.

What I liked:

  • Suitable for up to 200 sq ft.
  • I like that one can adjust the heat levels and that the unit is 99.98% efficient
  • I really like that it can be wall-mounted. This keeps it out of the which significantly reduces safety issues
  • No electricity needed which makes it great for the boondocker.
  • It comes in two other options. The 57351 (4200 – 8000 BTU/Hr. Will heat up to 230 sq ft), and the Olympian Wave 3 (1600 – 3000 BTU for up to 100 Sq Ft with two heat settings)

What I Don’t Like:

  • The least expensive of the three is $189+ so all of them are a little pricey. But, on the other hand, you get what you pay for.
  • I can’t say for sure but, I couldn’t find anywhere in the information that said legs and dust covers were extra but they can be purchased separately.  For the cost, I think these should be included with the heater therefore, I find this a negative but not a deal-breaker.

Final Remarks

Well… there you have it. These are my top 5 picks for RV heaters. There are certainly more options out there that are just as good but that would make this article waaay too big. I will be replacing my unsafe heater with one of these. I’m kinda leaning towards one of the Big Buddy Heaters.

We have also looked at how we can assure that we are safe when using space heaters. If you follow the safety tips I’ve listed above you shouldn’t have any issues.

The fella in the video put his space heater through some pretty thorough testing and had no issues. I hope yo watched it. I know I was glad I did.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Manufacturers give those owners manuals for a reason and it’s not just to cover their own backside. they want to protect us as well.

I think that leaving all windows open at least one-two inches and ceiling vents as well will provide adequate ventilation for the propane heaters.

In the other post, I wrote about making sure that whatever you purchase, make sure that the wiring in your RV is capable of handling the wattage. You may have to consider adding a separate circuit in order to accomplish this and that should be done professionally.

Thank you for taking the time to read the whole article and I really hope it has been of help to you. If you have any questions at all or other comments please leave them below. I will respond to every one of them.

I hope that you and your loved ones will have a better and warmer RV camping experience when you go out on your next outdoor adventure.

Happy Camping, Always and remember to Drive Safe,


Owner and author of RV Safety Tips And Tricks.

27 thoughts on “RV Space Heaters – My Top 5 Choices

  1. My city is in the Midwest. It’s a bit hot in the summer and a bit cold in winter. Unlike in northern cities, their heat is centralized and it is very warm indoors in the winter.  We only use air conditioning or heaters to keep warm. For those without air conditioners, heaters are very practical, especially those that are easy to move.

    It’s so nice that you spend lots of time searching for this useful information. Thanks.

  2. At first, I would like to thank you for this outstanding article about Heaters. It’s really a nice post with many heaters to choose from. 

    In winter we face cool weather often and we use many heaters but we worry every time about our safety. 

    I was looking for a heater which will be cheap and light to carry. Lasko electronic ceramic heater is my best choice. It is cheap as well as light for carrying. I can carry it from one place to another place. It has a lot of advantages. It works with remote control and compatible size for table and floor. It has “overheat” protection too.  So I will buy it soon. 

    Thank you again for your post.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Tashi and I’m sorry that you worry about the safety aspect when using the ones you already have.  Not that this (worrying) isn’t a good thing, it also shows me that you understand the benefits of being safe.

      I think the Lasko heater is a good choice for those with a smaller budget.  It’s safety features are adequate but the one thing I wish all space heater manufacturers would include is a pressure switch mounted under the heaters that would automatically shut the unit off when knocked over. 

      That one safety feature would go a long way in preventing unnecessary fires.  Switch off = no power to the unit = no fire.   It just seems like a no-brainer to me.

      If you decide that this is the one for you just click the image and enjoy the heat.

      Be Safe,


  3. A very detailed review on the 5 recommended heaters! Price point is always important for any purchase, it’s great that you listed your likes and dislikes clearly to see which is the one that is cost effective.

    And thank you for emphasizing on safety throughout the post. It’s always important to remember about safety as being on an RV, we might be in a difficult location for emergency personnel to reach. So better be safe than sorry!

    I’m just wondering, is there a difference in heat distribution if the heater were to be placed on the floor, or on the table/wall mounted?

    1. Thank you for your comment, Idris.

      In answer to your question, the wall-mounted option I have listed here does not have a fan so it may take a little longer for things to heat up than having one (electric) with a fan that blows the air around.  

      On the floor is probably better than on a counter because we, (most of us), all know that heat rises.  

      In the end, I suppose it comes down to whatever works for the individual.  the oscillating heaters would distribute the heat more efficiently but if you’re not able to connect to a campsite power source then a propane heater would most likely be preferred.  I think that’s the way I would go.

      Hope this helps.  Happy camping and, above all, stay safe,


  4. Unexpectedly, this is really great to see and also very cheap. Thank you for sharing these detailed tips on how the RV heaters work. These options are really cheap and easy to get. The prices are good and personally, I would be more considerate when selecting anyone going by the facts that the more active they are in the probability of them being the cause of a fire. Thanks

    1. Thanks for your comment, Rodarrick.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “cheap”.  Some are cheaper than others but some of these are also a little pricy like the Big Buddy heaters.  However, as I explained, you get what you are willing to pay for so, for me, I would be willing to pay a little more knowing that I’m getting a quality product that is safe.

      Choosing on the side of safety also goes a long way for me.  But, again, it’s up to the individual and their needs.

      That said, I will always err on the side of safety even if I have to spend a few more $$$.


  5. Mr. Heater Big Buddy not only is great when using in your RV. You can use it at your house in the garage during winter for house party or big group social gathering. People could come and go in & out of the house and no one will be freezing in the garage. 

  6. Thank you so much for providing such beautiful information.  Such a nice informative article I have never seen before. Heater price is significantly lower than in other markets. Using a heater for your own safety is really important.

    Lasko Electronic Ceramic Heater is more preferable to me than other heaters. So I’m interested in buying it. 

    Thank you again for giving us such a lovely review.

    1. Thanks for the comment, MD and If you choose to go ahead with your purchase, I hope you find it adequate for your needs.

      Yes, unfortunately, prices do vary a bit from country to country.  I notice this quite a bit when buying the same products here in Canada that are available in the United States.  A lot of products are based on the US dollar so, when they go to another country and the currency is worth less than the U.S. dollar we have to pay more.  Right now our dollar is worth about 1/3 less than the American Dollar which means we end up paying more than 1/3 more.

      It’s not great but what can we do.


  7. Regardless of how many other heaters are out there, you have put together a pretty comprehensive selection and covered all aspects that I would like to know about. Concentrating on the safety side is imperative. Having any sort of equipment that has a flame involved, when using indoors, is always going to be of concern to the purchaser. The video guy did do some rigorous testing that certainly satisfied me.

    I’m with you on your choice. The Mr. Heater ‘Buddy’s’ do look to be the best value for the money and would seem to be very efficient. Propane usage is minimal, as I’m sure unless you were in extreme temperature conditions, the need to have the heater going for prolonged periods of time would be small. A decent heater could soon warm up the space.

    I checked out a couple of them on Amazon to make sure that they were available in the UK and they are. The only slight disparity is that they seem to be more expensive over here but then, as you say, you get what you pay for. They would definitely be worth the investment, in my eyes.

    1. Thank you, so much for your comments, Twack, They are appreciated and I enjoyed reading them.  

      I can’t say enough about the safety aspect and I really think that the Mr. Heater line of buddy heaters is one of the best.  I really like the design and the double canister heater has the option of using one or both elements with different choices for heat levels.  I’m for sure going to be replacing my current Space hater with one of these when the time comes.

      Yeah, prices seem to be more in some countries and less in others.  This is probably due to the value of the American Dollar.  They are more expensive here in my country as well.  That said, I still think these heaters are good bang for the buck and worth the extra expense plus, I think they are one of the safest heaters on the market.

      Thanks again for taking the time to read my post and all the best,


  8. Once again thank you, Wayne, your articles are always highly informative.  In the last article, my take away was the need to get heaters that have auto control.  Now you have braced my mind to considering my pets when buying a heater.  

    I won’t go for a space heater made of ceramics as you advised. They will break if my pet mistakenly knocks them over. This automatically puts Lasko electronic ceramic heater out of my list, I will consider F232017.

    1. Thank you for re-visiting my website, Parameter and I’m glad I have been able to be of some help to you in your understanding.

      Firstly, I want you to understand the Ceramic heaters are just as safe as other heaters.  Only the part that holds the heat coils is ceramic.  The ceramic is heated by the coils and provides additional heat which is blown out by the fan.  All of this is housed in a tough plastic (non-heat conducting) housing.  The ceramic itself is pretty tough and won’t break when knocked over.

      These heaters also have automatic shut-off safety controls under the base just in case they DO get knocked over and cool off pretty fast when that happens.

      One way to ensure that your pets don’t knock it over is to place it on a counter some other place that is up and away from where your pets are.  As long as there is enough space around the heater, it should still be safe.

      I hope this helps your understanding a little better.


  9. Firstly, I have to say that with these space heaters, safety is paramount and that cannot be overemphasized. As you said, most accidents that result from the use of the heaters are usually down to wrong applications or negligence. 

    That being said, the Mr. Heater F232017 MH9BXRV Buddy Grey appears to be just right since I plan to use it in a small space. I also like the fact that it is lightweight. Glad you shared.

    1. Thank You, Rhain, for your comment and for taking the time to read my article.   

      I couldn’t agree more.  Safety must always be at the forefront when dealing with heaters of any kind.  As I’ve said many times, the possible consequences are just too great to ignore them.  

      Just the other day I was reading yet another article about someone’s property that was lost because, (it appears), they left some clothing to dry on a Space heater.  When I read stuff like that It makes me really wonder where they left their brain.  Stuff like this is so easy to avoid.

      I really like those Mr. Heater Big Buddies and I’m thinking of replacing the electric heater that I have with one.  I’ll be able to use it in my workshop as well.

      Just click on the link provided and it will take you to the product.  If you purchase, I hope you enjoy it but REMEMBER 👍SAFETY FIRST, OK?

      Be Safe,


  10. RV’s are pretty much non-existent where I live in the Caribbean but I sure would like to do a trip in one of these things one day. The information you gave here is very informative and seems like sound advice to me. I can imagine how cold it is in the winter and why these things are probably lifesavers for many. 

    I definitely appreciate the safety tips given to kick things off too. That is a very important part of anything that involves heat so great pointers. I’ll get to ride in one of these things one day! Thanks for the helpful info.

    1. Hi, Randy,

      Well, I haven’t been to the Caribbean either so I guess we both have something to add to our “Some Day” bucket list😉

      I’m hoping others will think the same as you and take this as good advice.  Lives and property could very well depend on these tips.  I would hate for someone to lose a life or their RV because they ignored the need for safety.

      I hope that one day, you will be able to experience the great outdoors from an RV perspective.  There really is nothing like it and the memories will stay with you forever.


  11. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .We have a lot of problems here in the winter and cold, so I always look for such heaters .In your article, Mr. Heater bought the Big Buddy Portable RV Propane Heater and it seems very safe to me .I can use it indoors and out of the house, and it is very interesting to look at .And I can get the temperature I need with the switch .It is a great choice for double canister units with low, medium and high settings, great security features and more. I hope everyone reading this article will find the RV Space Heater of their choice and purchase and share their new experience with you soon.

  12. My uncle currently has the Lasko ceramic heater.  He has had it for some time now so I’m guessing it is really durable and worth the money. He doesn’t use it that often but when he does, it works perfectly. 

    I’m not sure if he knows about those tips that you provided so I’ll make sure he gets this article to prevent any future damages. 

    1. Hello, Stephanie and thanks for your comment.

      I’ve read some good things about the Lasco Hearter as well so I’m glad the one your father has is working well. 

      Yes, He may know how to be safe but, for sure, pass these along.  there may be one or two things he hasn’t considered and may find helpful.


  13. I am glad to see your article. I am happy I discovered your article since I found exactly what I was searching for. I want to buy an Electric Space Heater and I especially liked the 1500W Fast Heating Portable Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater – INFRARED HEATER. I think for a low budget, it’s a good choice. 

    I have a question. If I bought this heater, how long would it take to deliver? Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article. And thank you so much for giving such useful safety tips. Much appreciated.

    1. I’m glad you found this article helpful, Sabrina and the 1500W Fast Heating Portable is an excellent choice.

      In answer to your question… I believe that you would be told how long delivery would take if you chose to purchase it.  I really don’t have any say or idea how long that process would take.  I can say that it would depend on where the product has to go and whether or not it was available for delivery to your country.

      If you do purchase,  please let me know what you think about it.  In the meantime,

      Be safe,


  14. Thanks for this really useful post! I don’t have much experience with space heaters, but I can tell you, they were a lifesaver when my power went out one winter! I have always been wary of the propane space heaters…something about them makes me really uncomfortable (maybe that’s just my problem!), but I would always go for an electric. My in-laws have one that greatly resembles the Lasko Electronic Ceramic Heater. It works great and doesn’t seem that expensive. 

    Thanks again for the post!

    1. Hello, Steve,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my article and leave a comment and well as the warning.  All are greatly appreciated.

      I am also glad that you have found “Space Heaters” to be helpful during power failures.  Of course, I am presuming that you have a generator to power an electric one otherwise you would need a propane heater.

      I understand your concern about propane heaters but, I want to assure you, they are very safe when used properly with some ventilation.  The fella in the video did some pretty extensive testing and, based on that, I would not have any issues using one in my trailer.

      It really just comes down to the safety aspect.  I have used a catalytic heater in a tent. It was almost 100% efficient and we never had issues.   I would feel just fine using the Big Buddy heater.


  15. Great post and thanks so much for the information.  It is all too common to see reviews on products primarily aimed at selling them.

    What is not too common is what you have done in dosing on safety and as if to underline this halfway through authoring your article you share with us that your own device does not pass the test!

    I know that this is going to be useful to many people, it certainly has been for me!



    1. Well, Hamish, thanks for taking the time to read and appreciate the info in my post and for your comment.

      You’re so right about some websites portent to just sell a product and although that is part of what I do here, the main objective of my site is to help with people’s understanding and knowing that I have helped someone make a better choice that suits their particular need is the best outcome.  If I can help by recommending certain products, then I have completed the second part of my objective.

      In the case of “Space Heaters” Safety has to be foremost. My previous post should be read by all who are interested in a Space Heater.  That is why I wrote it first and reference to it in this post.

      I was flabbergasted when I discovered that, even though my heater was great at the heating part, it sucked 100% on the safety aspect.  Out the door and replaced.  No other option.

      I hope many do find this information helpful.  Their lives could very well depend on it.


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