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Tips and Tricks - RV Safety Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

There are many tips and tricks that one can utilize to make life a little simpler at the camp site, from storage ideas and accessories to keeping our kids, (pets), safe.


Most, if not all, campgrounds and RV resorts have rules require owners to keep their pets/dogs on leashes at all times when outside of the RV.  One thing that we have done for our pets and our own peace of mind is, we purchased two low-rise dog pens that we set up around the door side of our trailer to give us a small “porch” like space for our mutts to wander in without being on a leash.


In a Trailer or Motorhome, there is some kind of closet space to hang our clothes and jackets. A lot of us have found, however, that when we hang up our things in the closet and leave for our trip, we arrive and discover that most, if not all, of the items we thought were secure on the closet rod, are now sitting on the floor of the closet.

Some of you may have already read about this but this is a tip I came across in an RV’ingcloset organizer magazine some time ago.  This person had experienced this issue many times in their travels and came up with this unique and inexpensive way to secure their items and have never had this issue again.

What they did was,  they measured the full outside diameter of the coat hanger they were using  and then went out and purchased a piece of PVC pipe that was long enough and just a little bigger than the radius measurement of the hanger.  Then, then cut the pipe down the middle and put it over the top of the hangers on the bar.  They then secured it with an appropriate length of two-sided Velcro, (the kind that has the necessary parts on the proper sides), placing one strip at each end and one in the middle, (if necessary).

Simply undo the Velcro, remove the PVC and your good to go.  Just repeat the process when it time to move on.

6 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks

  1. Great idea for stopping the clothes falling off the rack. Very simple and cheap to implement. Often I go off road for a few kilometers to get to a river site and often I have had this problem.
    I’ll keep checking back to see what other great tips you post, cheers Jamie

    1. Good day, Jamie and thanks for dropping by my website and a special thank you for leaving a comment. I really like that one as well. If you’re driving for hours, finding all your stuff on the floor and wrinkled is not the best way to start a laid back camping trip.

      I hope you find some of the other tips helpful as well and if you have any tips of your own, let me know and I will post them in another blog with appropriate credit of course. Happy camping and stay safe.

  2. Great article and just in time for Spring Break fun! A lot of great tips that I would have never thought of. I agree we are always loosing our remotes and something so simple will be very helpful with a little Velcro. Also, a great tip that I never thought would be needed is adding a door bell but that is a great idea.

    1. Hey Robert, Thanks for your comment and I agree I never would have thought of some of these either if I hadn’t gone to the RV show and taken in that seminar. The speaker gave a bunch of good ideas and I will be posting more over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.

  3. Interesting tips and tricks, I didn’t know all these.
    The door bell seems one of the most interesting to me, I had no idea they were so easy to find.
    And the tip with remote controls is also really cool, I’m just starting to realize that I would have never thought about all these things if I hadn’t read your article. Lol.
    Keep up the great job 🙂

    1. Good day Ashley and thanks for the positive feedback. I found a lot of the tips to be very interesting. So interesting that I recorded the whole seminar. We only have 2 remotes in out trailer so it’s not a big deal, we just put them in the little cubby hole under our stereo. The speaker gave us quite a few more tips and I will be posting them over the next couple of weeks so, stay tuned, more to come.

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